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Underground Works
Underground Works

Underground Works

During the tunnels drilling (sewers, water pipes laying, subway, road tunnels), drilling needs using a lot of drilling muds. Muds are composed of a water, bentonite and sometimes polymer mixing. These muds must be recycled. The sand and the rock fragments have to be removed from the muds' drilling to enable their reuse.
During rehabilitation works of sewers / waste water pipes in Rennes, Neyrtec Minéral has supplied a compact and mobile installation intended to desand drilling muds.
The muds flow to process is 500m3/h.

The challenges to overcome :
- Mobile and compact equipment.
- Noise limititation because the building site is situated in the middle of the city.
- Minimal ground footprint.
With this requirement specification Neyrtec Minéral has developped a mobile desanding unit to process 500m3/h drilling mud. This unit is composed of 2 sub-units, each one erected in a 40 feets container. The machine's transport can then be done by truck. The two sub-units are then appended on the building site.

The whole equipments are erected in 2 containers of 40 feets which is a suitable mobile unit for mobile building sites as the tunnels.

The unit is independant, it only has to be linked to the feed of the muds tunnels drilling machines and to the electrical feed.


The unit is used to remove the rocks' fragments and the sand contained in the drilling muds before reuse of this one.

- Screening to remove the fragments +5mm.
- Sands' separation in the bentonite mud by two hydrocyclones floors.
- Sand's dewatering before transport by truck.
- Recovery of the desanded muds in a tank before recycling.
For weaker flows we also offer a wide equipment's range able to desand from 20 m3/h muds.


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