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Flottation is the most common separation process in ore industry. Separation between recoverable mineral species and the minerals from the gangue (tailings) is based on the differential properties of surface.  

Before entering in cells or columns flotation which will carry out this separation, slurry has to go through an optimum preparation :  this is the conditioning step. The different kind of flotation reagents (collecting, activating/deactivating and foaming) are agitated thanks to an agitation mobile in cylindrical tanks, called conventional thickeners, during one to serveral ten or so minutes.

NEYRTEC MINERAL propose to carry out this conditionning step by supplying conventional thickeners, thus improving obviously flotation results.


NEYRTEC MINERAL's flotation conditioners stand out from the others by :
  • Tank's optimum design
  • Unique design of the mobile
  • Agitation's efficiency
  • Overflowing register
  • Foams' recirculation
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Safety standards
  • Easy maintenance
NEYRTEC MINERAL's flotation conditioners are used to mix slurry with flotation reagents. They are then required wherever this separation method is used.

Conventional conditioners are mainly used for :
  • Metals : gold,  copper, or, cuivre, molybdenum, neodymium, rare earths.
  • Industrial ores : phosphate, barite, feldspar, muscovite, fluorite, talc, graphite.

According to the customers's data, the available range is from 1.25 meter (1.4m3) up to 6 meters diameter (154m3).

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