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Hydroclassificateur LAVODUNE®

Hydroclassificateur LAVODUNE®

LAVODUNE® is an hydraulic classifier which enable to ensure :
  • Particle size cuts between 150 et 1000 µm ;
  • Gravimetric separations between solids of different specific density.

LAVODUNE® is mainly composed of  :
  • A cylindrical conical tank ;
  • A dune adjustable in height ;
  • Components which can adjust performance;
  • A control box.
LAVODUNE® uses a rising flow water to counter fall velocity of the particles to be separated. Thus, the finest particles and the less concentrated are drained of at the overflow, whereas that the coarsest and the less concentrated fall towards the underflow. 


LAVODUNE® is an hydroclassification solution offering many advantages  :
  • Simple to use
  • Minimum floor space
  • Accurate cut size
  • Flexible cut by adjustement of the dune
  • Important process capacity
  • Automatic regulation 
  • Reduced maintenance
According to the process capacity  and according to the cutoff point to reach, NEYRTEC MINERAL defines the model and suitable flow of sorting water enabling to reach the requested performances.
NEYRTEC MINERAL also has a pilot unit on which tests are carried out to define performance's objectives.

LAVODUNE is used in many applications such as :
  • Foundry sands
  • Glassmaking sands
  • Concrete sands
  • Shell sands
  • Correction of grain size distribution
  • Phosphate recovery
  • Insutrial ores in general
  • Metals in powder
  • Chemical products
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