Ensemblier et Équipementier
process de la mine, de la carrière
et de l'industrie

Part of Semosia Group group

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Tailings Disposal. The red mud are issues from an alumina plant ans stored after being thickened by a TASSTER
Sand & Gravel Quarry
Sands washing unit
Phosphate washing plant - Syria
Neyrtec Mineral
Specialist in wet process for mineral processing, NEYRTEC MINERAL is a process engineering company and an equipment supplier specializing in raw materials preparation, hydraulic classification, solid / liquid separation and agitation.

NEYRTEC MINERAL has designed, developed and optimized a complete range of reliable and high-performance equipment, including the Roloflux®, Sandyflux®, Lavodune®, Clariflux® and Tasster-M® brands.
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