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Sugar refinery
Sugar refinery

Sugar refinery

Sugar refinery is a sugar plant, producing sugar by extraction of sugar beets or sugar cane.
Extraction process consists in collecting sweet juice which is concentrated by evaporation before crystallization.
After these operations, sugar has been successively extracted, purified, concentrated and crystallized without any alteration or chemical transformation.
In the scheme of sugar process, Neyrtec Mineral equipments can meet the requirements.

From washing step up to the one which precedes filtration, crystallization, or dewatering, Neyrtec Mineral's equipments can improve the perfomances.
To those performances, we can add the capacity to reduce the equipments' size necessary for filtration or dewatering before crystals drying.
To those performances improvements, we can add the possibility to recover the washing waters to  be reused in process upstream.
The very extended equipments' range enable to find the most suitable sizes to meet precisely the requirements.


Neyrtec Mineral's equipments that can be used during the process steps are :

• Hydrocyclones to separate the fines
• Screens to remove coarse particles
• Vibro-dewatering screens to dewater cristals before drying
• Thickeners to recover washing waters
• Paste thickeners : to thicken pastes before rejection Epaississeurs
• Neyrfloc flocculation station

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