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Séparation magnétique
Séparation magnétique

Séparation magnétique

The principle of magnetic separation is based on the difference of magnetic susceptibility between particles to be processed when these particles are subject to a given magnetic field.

In particular, the weaker is the magnetic suceptibility of a particle, the bigger is the magnetic intensity field to separate non-magnetic particles.

Mineral Technologies designs and manufactures Reading magnetic separators' range ;
  • High intensity with matrix extraction for wet processing
  • High intensity with drum for wet processing
  • High intensity for dry processing
  • Medium and low intensity, for wet and dry processing.

Mineral Technologies has a great experience in magnetic separation field used for iron ores and metal ores in general, as well as for silica sands and industrial ores.

The high intensity magnetic separators include the latest technological developments, using particularly permanent magnets made of high quality alloy of rare earth.
This technology, combined with an innovative engineering, allows an efficient separation of paramagnetic minerals. 
The applications of high intensity magnetic separators in wet processing are :
  • Recovery of ilmenite, garnet, chromite and monazite into the magnetic fraction and rutile, leucoxene and zircon into the non-magnetic fractions from mineral sands suites
  • Magnetic gangue removal from cassiterite, tungsten ores, glass sands and a variety of industrial mineral products
  • Purification of glass sands or others industrial minerals
The applications of drum high intensity magnetic separators are :
  • Removal of ilmenite from rutile concentrates
  • Final magnetic cleaning of zircon
  • Removal of iron contamination from glass sand and iron mineral from industrial products
  • Differentiation of ilmenite to produce feedstock for synthetic rutile production
The applications of high intensity magnetic separators in dry processing are :
  • Production of ilmenite concentrate
  • Upgrading staurolite and garnet into magnetics and production of zircon into non-magnetics
  • Production of glass sands
  • La production des sables de verreries
  • Rejection of magnetic impurities from precious gem stone concentrates
  • Metal recycling, food processing, pharmaceutical and abrasive industries 
The applications of magnetic separators at low and medium intensity concern separation of ferromagnetic particles (high magnetic susceptibility), particularly for the recovery of ferrosilicon from dense liquors, or for the recovery of magnetite in iron ore. 

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