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process de la mine, de la carrière
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Study process

Study process

NEYRTEC MINERAL carry out customised process studies meeting the specifications required by the customers.

NEYRTEC MINERAL also guide the customers in the definition of the most suitable upgrading scheme based on its experience, its know-how obtained through the activities fields and tests results.

NEYRTEC MINERAL has the capacity to carry out laboratory tests and pilot tests on a semi-industrial scale. That kind of tests enable to guide the sizing equipment of upgrading process and to commit to obtain performances guarantees.

NEYRTEC MINERAL has a laboratory and a pilot hall of 400m² enabling to carry out tests in wet processing with its pilot equipment :

• Scrubber ROLOFLUX®
• Attrition cells
• Hydrocyclones
• Hydraulic classifier LAVODUNE®
• Spirals
• Dewatering screen
• Fast thickener CLARIFLUX®
• Paste thickener TASSTER-M®
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