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Gravimetry, or gravity concentration, is a usual technique used in mineral processing, and which concern is to divide minerals with different density.

The spiral's principle is based on a combined action of the particles sedimentation effect and the effect of the centrifugal force.

Thus, the coarsest particles remain near the central axis, whereas the particles with less density flow towards the spirals' periphery.

Mineral Technologies design and manufacture a wide range of spirales entitled for various applications and use.

Serial Use
MG Used for particles' separation containing up to 40 % heavy minerals.
HG Used for high grade feed material generally from 20-90% heavy mineral
VHG Used in the final upgrading of very high grade (plus 90% HM) feeds
FM The fine mineral spiral series is used for fine feed with particles in the range of 30-150 microns
WW Utilises wash water addition for enhanced grade control in specific applications (i.e. iron ore, mineral sand)
HC These super-high capacity spirals have been designed specifically for more economical and compact high tonnage plants. The facility to add wash-water can be added on some models
LD Used for fine coal beneficiation

A column can include from 1 to 4 spirals combined to maximize the floor surface and process the expected flow rates.

A bank of spirals columns can have up to 48 feed start.

That kind of equipment doesn't need a lot of maintenane. The materials used in the spirals' manufacturing are chosen for their long operating life. Spirals generate low operating costs.
Spirals from MD - Mineral Technologies range are used in many applications from mineral industry such as :
  • Rutile, ilmenite and zircon concentration
  • Iron ore, chromite and manganese beneficiation
  • Tin, Tantalum and tungsten ore concentration
  • Gold, native copper and base metal recovery
  • Silica sands processing and pumice sand separation
  • Titano-magnetite concentration
  • Garnet, kyanite, sillimanite and andalusite recovery.
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