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Food industries
Food industries

Food industries


The processes used in food industry are composed of the same steps than in mine and quarry industry, that is to say washing, grain size classification (also called calibration), sand removal which interferes with processing and reprocessing of the waters.

Although some equipments are specifics for food industry, others equipments just need an adaptation to be used in an industry rather than in another one. These adaptations concern the kind of materials used (stainless steel is often used in food industry), the kind of flocculant for waters processing, as well as adaptations more particulars for each process.

Neyrtec Mineral has many references in food industry processes. Neyrtec Mineral has put its expertise in hydraulic classification to the service of vegetables washing plants and sugar plants which have land production residue.

Our experience in waters clarification and muds thickening enables for the vegetables canneries to save important water quantities.

Our equipments are made of materials meeting the food standards. 
Our 30 years expertise in the field of hydraulic classification and reprocessing of waters loaded with clays, this expertise has been acquired through many products in food industries.

Sandyflux : vegetables washing with dewatering and hydrocycloning to remove the sand from the washing waters.

Reprocessing of washing waters : the vegetables washing waters are clarified with a Clariflux. Muds are then compacted with a Tasster to obtain a very thick mud transportable by dumpster.

Hydrocyclone : separation of calcium tartrate in wine industry, HC 50 hydrocyclone for separation and concentration of calcium tartrate.

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