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Silica Sand
Silica Sand

Silica Sand

Unlike construction sands, those minerals are searched for their compositions and characteristics which receive process of washing - drying - grinding - sieving - dusting for industry use.
However their numerous qualities remain irreplaceable for many uses such as :
- Filtration and waters process
- Sports grounds
- Draining agents

But also for the following specific industries :

- Silica glass sand
- Flat glass used in the construction or the windscreens remains the most important in the using sector.
- Packing glass which gathers the whole manufacturing of bottles, jars, flasks...
- Crystal glassworks, high-end product ,such as the bottling in perfumery using sands with very low iron content.
-  Extra-clear glass and solar glass (photovotaic panels and solar panels).

- Industrial sand
- Loads in the resins, plastic paints, polymers, rubber, mastics and glues.
- Facade coating.

- Foundry sand
Essential for moulds' preparation which concerns two foundry's sectors :
1. The sand plant sector which stores, prepares mixings for the sand moulding workshop.
2. The core making sector in the big foundries for the preparation of the combination sand + resin + catalyst.


Reliable particle size distribution.
Suitable equipments with few maintenance.
Guaranteed production quality.
Fast assembly.
Audit and coaching for suitable solutions.
The parameters which can be checked are :
- Particle size distribution,
- Color (spectrometer),
- Chemical composition (X fluorescence)
- pH, acid request, blue value, Blaine index,
Neyrtec Mineral company has always looked for reconciling the process design with environmental protection. This objective is always taken into account from the definition of new projects and then all along the exploitation's life.


NEYRTEC MINERAL's equipments are used in many activity fields :
- Sand's quarry for construction or  highway.
- Industrial sand process for glassware fields.
- Industrial sand process for foundry fields.

Process and equipments supplied by NEYRTEC MINERAL are used in many applications :
- Clays removal.
- Recovery of fine particles in suspension.
- Particles size classification.
- Removal of the interfering minerals.
- Colorimetric classification


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