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NEYRTEC MINERAL, situated in Lorient (56) in West of France, has been created from the « Mine and Quarries» department of the former Neyrtec Industries company, taking benefit from its experience and know-how.

NEYRTEC MINERAL is a Simplified Joint Stock Company, capital : 469 200 € Private shareholding.

NEYRTEC MINERAL is a process engineering company and an equipment manufacturer, specialized in the dressing and hydraulic classification, water clarification, muds thickening and agitation.

NEYRTEC MINERAL is the owner of a full equipment’s range, reliable and efficient which efficiency has been improved since its creation.

NEYRTEC MINERAL has an excellent brand image, particularly in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East where its equipment give full satisfaction since many years.

The company’s activities range over many different sectors, originally mainly in the field of mining and quarrying, but now extending to industry and chemistry.

NEYRTEC MINERAL is certified ISO 9001 (version 2008) since 2013. Indeed, quality is a priority axis of our improvement. Its aim is the customer’s satisfaction, it gives structure to our organization, our progress actions’ and contributes to the development of our competitiveness.

1854 Creation of the Company by Mr Casimir BRENIER
1917 Creation of NEYRPIC Company
1977 Transformation in NEYRTEC Company, ALSTHOM division
1996 Purchase of mineral activity of NEYRTEC INDUSTRIE and creation of NEYRTEC MINERAL
2013 Certification ISO 9001 (version 2008)
2016 Septembre 2016 - Integration of the Company into the SEMOSIA group

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