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Soil clean-up / Recycling
Dredging / Cleaning
Dredging / Cleaning

Dredging / Cleaning

Dredging of a port area or a river is an operation intended to remove the sediments accumulated during many years in a sea way traffic or to clean the bottom of all the wastes left by human activity.

In the first case, the sediments' accumulation (clays or sand) can be so important that it prevents the boats' traffic by reducing the depth. It is then necessary to clean the port areas.

Rivers' cleaning corresponds to the same action : in the rivers the sediments accumulate, and if  they are not cleaned from time to time, it increases the flood risks and degrade the biological functions of the rivers. The cleaned sediments undergo a classification to separate the sands from the sludges. The sludge containing organic wastes can be used as spreading in the fields.
In the second case the aim is simply to remove the wastes linked to human activity which clutter up the bottom of a river or a port. There are different kinds of wastes : car, plastic, battery, metals... Once the big wastes removed, the sand is then washed before being rejected on the dredging place.

The SANDYFLUX erected on skid is perfectly suitable for sand washing in the operations of dredging-cleaning. Its small bulk enables an erection on barge.
The CLARIFLUX enables to process large muds volumes with less floorspace than a thickener. Installation on stand can be easily dismantled and movable.

The DEWATERING SCREEN which enable to have effluents with the less water content in order to put them in discharge or to reduce the storage area.

Thanks to our design and engineering office we can carry out the implantation of our equipments according to your space constraints.

The SANDYFLUX composed of an hydrocyclone and a dewatering screen is used to separate the sand from the clays and silts (sometimes associated to pollutants) and dewater the sand for beneficiation.

The CLARIFLUX enables to settle particles in suspension and concentrate the muds for beneficiation (for example in spreading) or to store them when they are polluted.

The DEWATERING SCREEN or VIBRATING DEWATERING EQUIPMENT reducing the water flow in the effluents.
To get very thickened muds and transportable by truck, the TASSTER is the optimum equipment. It requires very few maintenance and operating cost is weak.


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