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Brine and Salt
Brine and Salt

Brine and Salt


The salt we use daily (table salt, ice-control salt) has two origins :
  • Sea salt :
- Obtained by sea water evaporation in the salt marshes. Sea water is pumped in big enclosed pools ; water evaporates under the effects of the sun and the wind. The salt is going to precipitate in salt crystals then it will be harvested.
  • Earth salt :
- Refined salt : the salt of the salt stratas is dissolved by fresh water injection. Water saturated with salt, called brine is pumped to the surface then subject to evaporation.
- The mine salt (or rock salt) is extracted fromt the salt mines as a rock.
The industry is asking for purity standards and grain size requiring the use of hydraulic classification equipments such as the hydrocyclones. The too fine particles, as well as the impurities in solution will be eliminated.

Salt moisture, in order to avoid the clustering, is often around 3% to 6%. It is then necessary after washing to dewater it. Dewatering is done with vibro-dewatering equipment, it enables to process an important flow on a reduced surface.

Once washed by hydrocycloning and dewatered, the salt obtained, purified of its impurities, is ready for use. 

Neyrtec MINERAL offers processes and a wide range of equipments matching perfeclty with the brines processes to improve them :

- Remove the sand, and wood fragments.
- Wash the salt to remove the impurities.
- Make a grain size classification.
- Dewater the salt.
The constituting elements of our equipments used in salt or brines processes are manufactured in stainless steel or polyurethane in order to have a maximum resistance to corrosion.


The hydrocyclones have three uses :
- Removal of the impurities during salt washing.
- Salt grain size classification.
- Salt thickening before dewatering.
The vibrating dewatering device (or vibro-dewatering device) enables to reduce the residual moisture to a threshold around 6-7%. The salt is then directly marketable, or it will be filtered to lower its moisture rate under 3 %.
The Sandyflux which combines a dewatering screen and an hydrocyclone on a skid is perfectly suitable for salt washing and dewatering.
For the industry working in a saline environment such as chlorine chemistry, we offer an agitators' range meeting all the applications.

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