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Débourbeur ROLOFLUX®

Débourbeur ROLOFLUX®

Scrubbers or elutritation drums Roloflux®, are designed and developped to treat materials which need an important energy to optimize the yields and the quality of the products obtained by the steps of hydraulic classification afterwards of this equipment.  

Roloflux® is mainly composed of :
  • A support frame
  • Industrial geared motors
  • A drum with inner shielding suitable for the materials' particularities to be processed.  

According to the application, 2 types of Roloflux® can be proposed :
  • Co-current : The materials and the washing water move in the same direction inside the revolving shell. They are discharged together, generally by overflow above a discharge sill.
  • Counter-current : Water is introduced at the end opposed to the inlet of materials. Those materials go on against the water stream and progressively meet an increasingly clean water as and when they are washed, which perfects their washing.

The range of Roloflux® NEYRTEC MINERAL gives many advantages :
  • Large flowrate range
  • High thickness steel
  • Innovative manufacturing
  • Specific lining
  • Optimum residence time
  • Efficient brewing
  • Easy maintenance
  • Health and safety of operators

According to the application, the Roloflux® can also be equipped with a sieve drum at one or several stages.  

NEYRTEC MINERAL has a pilot Roloflux® on which tests are carried out to define the residence time, inner design and performance objectives.  
Roloflux® can be used for :
  • Deagglomerating
  • Mixing
  • Scrubbing
  • Homogenizing
  • Removing lumps
  • Separating
  • Washing
  • Diluting
  • Classifying (option)
 Roloflux® are used to process products of various sources :
  • Sticky : ballast pits
  • Clayey : kaolin
  • Marly  : phosphate
  • Conglomerate : aggregates
  • Floating : Vegetables, plastic materials,  hydrocarbon.
For further applications, NEYRTEC MINERAL is available and can propose you the most suitable solution to meet your needs.
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