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The thickener is an equipment which enable to recover distinctly a clarified water and a concentrated mud.

Slurry loaded with fine particles is injected in the thickener's feed well. Beforehand, a reagent is injected in the loaded slurry to accelerate the sedimentation. The floculated slurry is distributed uniformly by a cone and enter into contact with the slurry blanket. The decanted muds are orientated towards the center of the thickener by the scrappers. Clarified water is recycled by overflowing at the top of the thickener.

The high capacity thickener complete NEYRTEC MINERAL thickener's range. Their design enable to improve the performances with a reduced surface comparatively with the conventional systems.

These installations are supplied with :
  • A flocculation station
  • A suction pump for thickened muds.

Conventional thickeners' range has many advantages  :
  • Treated waters can be reused
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Automated management system
  • Reduced supervision
  • CE certification

In comparison with the conventional thickeners, the high capacity thickener has the following advantages :
  • Reduced floorspace
  • Important processing capacity
  • Optimized retention time
  • Better performances
  • Low investment face to the flowrates processed
NEYRTEC MINERAL has a laboratory in which settling tests are carried out enabling to size, at a further step, the most suitable settling solution.

The functions of the thickeners are :
  • Clarifying
  • Thickening
  • Separating
  • Counter-current washing
  • Water recycling
Those equipments can process loaded waters of an installation. Those clarified waters are recycled in the process installation or can be rejected in their natural environment.
According to the application, thickeners can also be equipped with a scraper's lifting device.

Thickeners are used to process loaded waters of installations with varied origins :
  • Pits
  • Quarries
  • Decontamination worksite
  • Agri-food plants
  • Chemical plants
For any other application, NEYRTEC MINERAL will also offer a suitable solution.
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