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Mixers and Agitators
Mixers and Agitators

Mixers and Agitators

We focus on the specific process considerations or your application, the mechanical integrity of the mixing components and the drive system integrity to ensure the best solution. All Mixers are custom designed by our highly trained mixer design specialists. High quality mixing equipment for all industries and applications.

NEYRTEC MINERAL understands that a mixer is simply a means of achieving your desired process result. We make it our business to understand the large and complex number elements that combine to efficiently achieve results.

We combine our experience and expertise with our knowledge of technology to meet your requirements. Each of our Mixers is custom designed to perfectly match your process.

We match the right impeller with your mixer by considering the profile, pumping and power needs of your application. We factor in the velocity gradient, superficial (in-tank) velocity, pumping rate, tank turnover rate, tanks shape, liquid level variation, location of impellers and direction of pumping to ensure a successful solution.

Constant research into the latest technologies and processes allow for us to provide enhanced efficiency and product reliability. We use extensive computational fluid dynamics to virtually assess mixer performance under a variety of conditions to aid the development of improved impeller design.
In most cases our mixers consist of a motor and drive system, output coupling, mixer shaft, seals and various impeller assemblies. Given the wide variety of applications and processes that Mixers and Agitators can be used for, we have divided them into different series: Open top tanks, Closed top tanks that require sealing, large scale industrial agitators, side entry mixers and in-line static mixers.

Top and side entry mixers are used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Our high efficiency impellers or inline static mixers improve productivity and profitability. Our experience ranges from simple blending and storage, such as milk, wine and margarine through heat transfer crystallizers, cookers, fermenters and more complex applications like sugar crystallizers, yogurt mixers and chocolate storage.

Our experience and industry knowledge allow us to solve your industrial mixer process needs.
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