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Coagulation / Floculation
Station de floculation NEYRFLOC

Station de floculation NEYRFLOC

Effluents to be processed have usually very small particles which sedimentation time is long.

The addition of reagents, called coagulant and floculant, favours the agglomeration of these very fine particles causing the significant increase of the sedimentation speed.

In thre presence of these reagents, the size of settling equipment can be reduced affecting the investment.

Coagulation and floculation NEYRFLOC stations are designed to preparation and dosage of the coagulants and floculants continuously and in automatic.

NEYRFLOC stations are designed and developed to maximize the installation, the preparation and consumption of efficient reagents.

NEYRFLOC stations offer many advantages :
  • Modularity
  • Fast assembly
  • Simple use
  • Easy maintenance
  • Safety
NEYRFLOC stations are complementary with technologies of :
  • Settling
  • Clarification
  • Compaction
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