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Compaction des boues
Compacteur de boue TASSTER-M®

Compacteur de boue TASSTER-M®

TASSTER-M® is worldwide unique, with two levels of blades, enabling muds' compaction. The objective of TASSTER-M® is to maximise muds' thickening and to recover the clarified liquid. Muds obtained can reach very high density looking like a paste. 

The technology of TASSTER-M®, pioneer in muds' compaction field, was from the begining, presented as an alternative economic in front of classic filtration process.


TASSTER-M® functioning is based on  :
  • Maximized floculation
  • Homogeneous distribution with rotary well
  • Release of interstitial waters
  • Mechanical muds compression
  • An easier extraction of compacted muds

TASSTER-M® offer many advantages  :
  • Attractive investment
  • Very high concentration of muds
  • High capacity processing
  • Automated management system
  • Automatic lifting of the scraper
  • Decrease of storage volumes
  • Innovative design
  • Reduced operating cost

NEYRTEC MINERAL has a laboratory where compaction tests are carried out enabling to size, at a further step, the most suitable solution for compaction.

A semi-industrial pilote is also available for in situ tests.
TASSTER-M® can have the following functions :
  • Clarifying
  • Compacting
  • Countercurrent washing
  • Water recycling
Muds can, according to the application and their properties, be transported towards a lagoon, a surface storage, an old operation area or be used for reforming a plant soil.

TASSTER-M® are used to process muds from various plants :
  • Pits
  • Quarries
  • Chemical industries
  • Decontamination work
  • Agri-food plants
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