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China clay
China clay

China clay


Kaolins are white clays, friable and refractory, mainly composed of kaolinite, or aluminium silicates. First, discovered in China, they were used for porcelain manufacturing, but they are also used in paper industry, medicin and cosmetics.

There are different kaolins :
  • In the deposits said "primary", combined with mica flakes and quartz's sand : those deposits are coming from the  degradation on site of the granite rocks, kaolin is the result of the feldspars' degradation.
  • In the deposits said "secondary", which result from the driving of the kaolin from primary deposits, and its redeposition.
They settle in pockets rather than in stratified layers and they are quite free from mineral impurities.


Kaolin processing needs very strict cut guarantees. The cuts we guarantee can be confirmed via our hydrocyclone pilot.

We have a great experience recognised in kaolin processing because of :
  • Our equipments reliability.
  • Accurate cut size of our hydrocyclones.
  • Possibility to carry out pilot tests.

The following equipments perfectly meet the requirements of kaolin processing :

- ROLOFLUX ® for raw ore scrubbing.
- TROMMEL - kaolin washing for the particles removal higher than 40µm by means of 2 steps.
- Screening for the removal of the tailing disposals at the end of the scrubber.
- SANDYFLUX - Cycloning/dewatering group to produce a sand without fines and dewatered, to feed, for example a mica flottation plant.
- HYDROCYCLONE : wide range enabling to target high cut size.
- THICKENER - settling of the "noble" pulp before filtration.

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