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Traitement de sable
Traitement de sable SANDYFLUX®

Traitement de sable SANDYFLUX®

The sand processing SANDYFLUX® provides three functions :
  • washing sands and clearing fines off them ;
  • controling and adjusting the grain-size distribution cut
  • producing sands with low water content.

SANDYFLUX® is composed of :
  • one or several hydrocyclones
  • a dewatering screen
  • a pumping unit with piping
  • a tank with independent regulation
  • access and maintenance footbridge
  • an outlet launder of the dewatered sands

SANDYFLUX® is a complete solution, compact and performant, designed from NEYRTEC MINERAL's know-how in the hydrocycloning and dewatering fields.

The large range of SANDYFLUX® is based on NEYRTEC MINERAL's hydrocyclones and dewatering screens range.

SANDYFLUX® can be adjusted to any processing capacities on any kind of materials.

The applications of SANDYFLUX® are used in many fields of activity :
  • Concrete sands
  • Industrial sands
  • Polluted sands
  • Bentonite muds
  • Recycled aggregates
  • All industrial ores in general
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