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Hydrocycloning is a separation process whose wide variety of applications ensure the functions of :
  • Grain size classfication
  • Desliming
  • Thickening
NEYRTEC MINERAL offers a large range of hydrocyclones composed of 22 main models, going from 24 millimeters up to 1 meter diameter. 
The hydrocyclones can be set up alone, in linear clusters or more usually, in circular clusters. 

The hydrocycloning principle is based on the tangential injection, under pressure, of a solids and liquid mixing in the cylindrical part of the hydrocyclone.
This is the centrifugal force applied to this mixing which leads to a separation between the particles in the cylindrical and conical part of the hydrocyclone. The coarsest and heaviest particles are drained off towards the underflow, whereas the finest and less concentrated are drained off towards the overflow.

NEYRTEC MINERAL's hydrocyclones range offers many advantages :
  • Large range covering any kind of need 
  • Accurate grain cut size
  • Adapted ergonomics of the clusters
  • Interchangeability of the components
  • Materials adapted to abrasion/corrosion
According to the capacity to process and to the cutoff point to reach, NEYRTEC MINERAL defines the model and the number of suitable hydrocyclones to reach the optimum performances.

Through its skills, engineering and study means, NEYRTEC MINERAL also advises and supplies all the accessories suitable to the many applications in which its hydrocyclones take part.

NEYRTEC MINERAL also has a pilot unit on which tests are carried out to define the performance's objectives.
NEYRTEC MINERAL's hydrocyclones take part in many fields of activities :
  • Pits and quarries
  • Water process
  • Flue and gaz desulfurization
  • Chemical industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Industrial soils decontamination

NEYRTEC MINERAL's hydrocyclones are used in many applications : 
  • Removal of clays
  • Recovery of fines in suspension
  • Grain size classification
  • Classification in grinding circuits
  • Protection of the filters and thickeners
  • Pre-concentration/Thickening
  • Product transfer
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