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Phosphate ore (rock concentrated in phosphate salts) is a sedimentary rock called exogenous rock : it is formed by concentration when phosphate ions precipitate in diagenesis.
Biogenic forms, such as birds and bats guanos, are exploited for centuries.
Phosphates are used in farming as fertiliser to increase phosphorus in fruits and vegetables.
They can also bring nitrogen (ammonium phosphate), phosphate rock with calcium (calcium phosphates) and aluminium (aluminium phosphate).
Those fertilisers can have an organic origin (bones powder, fish bones, etc.) or inorganic (acid attack on the ore), which case becomes more and more usual, except in biological farming because synthetic fertilizers are forbidden.

NEYRTEC MINERAL has many references in phosphate processing by wet process in Africa and Middle-East. Our equipment range meets the process requirements in phosphate beneficiation.
A conventional installation includes :
- Raw phosphate ore srubbing.
- Screening for tailings disposals removal.
- Phosphate washing to remove the fines particles with 2 or 3 series hydrocycloning floors.
- Dewatering.
- Waters recovery for reuse in the process.
- And sometimes phosphate drying, washed product.


- Rotary scrubber ROLOFLUX
- 2 floors of cycloning series.
- LAVODUNE for high cut by an hydraulic process.
- Attrition cells
- Scrubbing waters process, composed of :
- High capacity CLARIFLUX
- TASSTERS M for paste thickening
-  Conditioners before flottation unit
-  Automatic flocculation stations for effluents and muds process.

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