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Soil clean-up / Recycling
Soil clean-up
Soil clean-up

Soil clean-up

Soils decontamination mainly consists in giving the soil and subsoil of an area suitable for a new industrial or residential use, even suitable for a come-back to nature or agricultural use, after contamination by an industrial activity or industrial accident.
Soils are very often contaminated on old disused and dismantled industrial sites, as well as on old waste storage areas.

There are two types of contamination :
- A contamination by foreign elements such as metals, plastics, building and public works residues such as plaster, concrete or any other solid residue linked to human production.
- A contamination by fluids such as greases or chemical products.
These contaminated soils are removed then processed, either in-situ, or in dedicated sites for their decontamination.
Neyrtec Minéral works in reprocessing of contaminated soils by solids wastes such as dismantling soils.
After processing the products are directed towards four orientations :
- The soil cleaned from its wastes is restored.
- The valuable pollutants are then sent in recycling units for metals, plastics...
- The gravels and sands recovered are reused in the building and public works industry.
- Non recycable and non reusable wastes are sent in a final waste treatment plant (dumps or incinerators).
Recycling process of contaminated soils by foreign elements includes screening equipments, grain size separation equipments, densimetry separation equipment, sands and aggregates washing equipment and magnetic separation equipment.
Neyrtec Minéral is working with several groups specialized in the reprocessing of dismantling soils (coming from building and public works) and assist them to find the most suitable process for their product.

Neyrtec Minéral developps innovating process relying on its experience in minerals beneficiation.
We carry out tests pilots in order to validate process established with industrials.

Our wide range of equipments, increased with the one of our partners, enables us to master the most important part of the process.
We also carry out reprocessing of process waters and compaction of residual muds.
NEYRTEC MINERAL is known in France and internationally for its experience in the integrated management  projects.
As a constant concern of process realizations optimization, the solutions offered are studied in order to have reliable commitments and reduced costs.

Neyrtec Minéral's equipments carry out grain size separation of the products, cleaning of grains surface, blending of the products and at least recycling of waters processing. Our experience concerns projects for :
- Industrial areas cleaning.
- Effluents processing loaded with minerals particles.
- Decontamination of dismantling soils.
Our main equipments operating in these processes are :
- Scrubber : it enables pulping and blending products to crumble and release the different constituents.
- Screen : used for earth separation and other pollutants.
- Lavodune : enables to make a grain size separation between 250 and 1000µm.
- Attrition : enables to clean sand's grains surface and release the pollutants.
- Hydrocyclone : to remove the particles in suspension after attrition such as pollutants, to make grain size separations or concentrate the products before dewatering.
- Dewatering screen : it is used to remove the excess water in the sand produced by the beneficiation process.
Waters processing : waters used in the reprocessing of contaminated soils are clarified to be then reused in the process. It aslo enables to thicken the muds in order to facilitate their transport or storage.

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