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Neyrtec Mineral


This French company located in Lorient (France), has recovered the "Mine and Quarries" department of the former Neyrtec Industries company.
NEYRTEC MINERAL is an equipment manufacturer specialized in industrial mineral / ore dressing and classification, and also in mud thickening and clarifying.
NEYRTEC MINERAL offers a full range of reliable equipment in continuous improvement : hydrocyclones, rotary scrubbers, Tassters M., Clariflux, Sandyflux, Lavodune.
NEYRTEC MINERAL has an excellent brand image, particularly in North Africa and Middle East where its equipment has been operating for many years.
NEYRTEC MINERAL designs and sets up turnkey plant and work shop meant for ores and industrial minerals processing.
The activities range over a great many fields, mainly for historical reasons, from the mine and quarry one but also move into the industry to a large extent.



Turnkey unit supplier
Conception and design of turnkey units in mining and agricultural fields
Equipment manufacturer and supplier in extractive industry (mining field and quarries) and chemical industry


Line of business

Mining Industry: Any unit or separated equipment meant for ore processing such as iron, coal, phosphates, copper, manganese,...
Quarries: Any unit or separated equipment meant for crushed stones or industrial mineral processing (china clay, barite…).
Industry : hydrometallurgy, fertilizers…


Team of engineers

Our team consists of:

6 engineers
1 geologist
4 highly skilled technicians
3 draughtsmen
1 site supervisor
2 trilingual professional secretaries

This team collaborates regularly with specialized laboratories for the development of mining processes such as the L.E.M. in Nancy (School of Geology), the centre Terre et Pierre from Tournai (Belgique), the laboratories and testing institutes of Denver (England) and Sala - (Sweden), as well as the Centre de Génie Industriel in Guidel (France).



Administrative information

SAS Company; capital: 240.000 Euros
NIF : FR 42 410 656 979
APE : 742C
Private shareholding


Our cooperation agreements

In order to consolidate its know-how and means for its projects, NEYRTEC MINERAL is used to work with some specialized companies such as:




Our representation agreements

Our representation agreements enable us to make use of the know-how and means of the following firms :